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Please note that for MAG or MAC Address based boxes, each subscription is per device (by selecting MAG/Smart STB). There are no multi connections available for them. All subscriptions are per line (MAC Address). For this reason MAG/MAC Address based boxes can have multi lines but no multi connection.

Multi connection are available only with m3u lines (by selecting firesticks/android/apple/smart iptv). 1 line can have multiple connections using same username/pass. So for example, if you bought 5 connection package then you use same username/password on all 5 devices.

Now another option is after you purchase an m3u line (by selecting firesticks/android/apple/smart iptv), you can share a MAC Address with the line. So if you have 5 connections, you can share 1 MAC Address based device for 1 of those 5 connections. In order for me to set it up, you will need to send me a request.

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